Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: a half circle or an “X”
Weapon: quarterstaff

Tahl is the lord of transitions, doorways, crossroads, journeys, and balance. His domains are those which are neither one thing nor another, and his times are dusk and dawn, noon and midnight, and the gaps between seasons and years. Although seldom worshipped because he is considered aloof, Tahl receives prayers at the beginnings of journeys, when embarking into the unknown, when taking a new job, or when other life-changing events occur. Many ask his blessing during a birth or a death, for he is sometimes thought of as the god who takes people from one world to another. Offerings are often left or burnt at crossroads or hung up in doorways, which serve as his temples.

Tahl’s holy symbol is usually a circle, half dark and half light, but devotees will tell you that only the part between the halves is holy. Sometimes it is abstracted to simply a half circle. An “X” as a symbol of a crossroads also is holy to Tahl.

The quarterstaff’s symmetry and its usefulness as a walking stick make it Tahl’s weapon of choice.

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