I originally intended this world to be expansive enough that anyone could play anything they wanted. In fact, that was my core, driving vision when I started. Unfortunately, I now realize that my core vision was stupid, that a place for everything would make a wildly inconsistent and ridiculous world.
So, there are a lot of races you can choose from. I don’t know all of them yet. I will try to work with you, but in my old age I’m becoming more and more crotchety and conservative.

Some example rulings I’ve given:

Kender: fine. (eyes: rolled)
Duergar: fine.
Drow: don’t exist as written. But you can be a Dark Elf (homebrew variant).
Tieflings: fine. But you’re one in a million, and everyone will hate you.
Half-fiends: fine. If you follow the ECL rules, that is, so everyone else must already high level, and you have a darn good story behind it, and you realize that half of the civilized world will be trying to destroy you (and they might succeed).
Half-dragon half-fiends: fuck you no.
Ogre: fine. Again, follow ECL rules, which tend to fuck you. And watch what happens when you have to go to town to buy some food.
Warforged: no. Unless, maybe, you were one-of-a-kind, the result of some crazy but benevolent wizard who, while perfecting a prototype golem to be his friend and heir, gifted his creation with true life as his final dying act. But he never quite finished. Like Edward Scissorhands. Okay I kind of like that story, someone should make a warforged.

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