Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Symbol: an open book with text, usually abstracted into a bisected square, or a hammer.
Weapon: hammers

Milnus is the god of learning, artifice, order, hard work and discipline. He has numerous aspects (or, depending on the scholar or priest you talk to, “servants,” “muses,” “saints,” or “angels”). The most revered aspects are Logic, Commerce, Literacy, Artifice, and Medicine.

Although Milnus is lawful, he does not concern himself with justice. Justice is a concern of the good, and Milnus thinks good and evil are irrelevant. So long as there is order, Milnus doesn’t care if it is maintained through benevolent democracy or ironfisted tyranny.

Milnus’ weapon of choice represents both the hammer of the blacksmith or the gavel of the judge.

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