action points house rule

At character creation, and every time a character gains a level, he gains a number of Action Points equal to 5 + his Cha modifier. Any action points not spent before leveling are lost. Action points can be to do any of the following things:

o Improve any d20 roll (attack roll, skill check, saving throw, or caster level check). Roll 1d6 and add the result to the d20 roll. The Action Point must be used before the DM informs you of the outcome of the test.

o Increase any defense (Fortitude, Reflex, Willpower, or Armor Class) by 1d6 against one attack or effect. The Action Point must be used before the DM informs you of the outcome.

o Re-roll one damage die.

o Gain 1 additional use of a class ability. This applies to abilities with a set number of uses per day, i.e. Barbarian rage, Bardic music, Cleric channel energy, Monk ki pool, or Paladin smite evil. Each action point grants one additional round of rage, or adds 1 to the ki pool, etc.

Higher-level characters gain greater benefit from using Action Points to affect defenses or d20 rolls. They may roll multiple dice, as indicated on the chart below, and choose the best result.

Level Action Dice
1 – 7 1d6
8 – 14 2d6
15+ 3d6

Only ONE action point may be used per round. If an action point is used to augment a character’s actions during his turn, for example, the character cannot use an action point to increase his defenses against a foe’s attack until the character’s next initiative pass.

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action points house rule

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