Worth Fighting For

The Three Stony Sisters

Game synopsis from 12-29-10

- The group was hired by a church inquisitorto track down Nalen. He will pay us 500 Sedorian lions and an heirloom holy symbol to find him. The scholar Schroeder confirmed that Nalen was probably a bad guy.

- Found tablets giving directions to a location Nalen is believed to be, or has been.

- Followed the directions a ways and came upon a mountain troll chasing after a group of women and children. The troll had white paining on his face and what would look to us like the number 7 on his chest. Defeated him and continued on.

- Arrived at a ring of stones atop a hill with a cave below it. The ring looks as though someone, probably trolls, have been coming in and pushing down some of the stones set up around the area, attempting to destroy it. The people in the nearby village have been disappearing little by little over the last couple months. People had been seen going into the cave, but nobody ever comes out.

- Went into the cave and enountered ghouls.

Worth Fighting For
Background Story

In the beginning…

Father Benedict “Master” Brutus contracted us to maim Father Findle. Brutus greatly suspected Findle was corrupt and wanted to use him as an example for other priests that had strayed from the “path of righteousness”. Using Eris’s feminine wiles and Secilly’s powers of madness, he was charmed into giving us the documents proving he was skimming off the top. We captured him, interrogated him, cut off his hand and plastering it to the front door of the church, keeping the papers. Findle disappeared shortly after.

Findle’s contact was a man named Paul Rinter, a man in the thieves guild that was located in Andel’s Bakery. Andel wasn’t part of what was going on, but it was likely he was profiting from it.

Perfumers, “The Captain”, Opiate dense

Hunt down rogue warriors/guards. Three scouts were already killed.

Sr. Sargent Sajrin

Going to Heindel (1-week’s brisk walk, mostly through cities)

We find Captain Jules Weingard – Nate knew him. He was the man that signed the work order request.

Get rid of demon:
Kill host
Cast high level spell
Torture host

The Fugue – The plague amongst the elves

Dorian – A wealthy elven botanist in the Floral District. Seems to be effected very little by The Fugue. Hires us to acquire an item [[:the captain]] has called Soldier’s Bane that helps with the effects of The Fugue. This item is stored in an egg-shaped coffer. It always looks oily, but feels dry. Everyone that has handled it has come to a bad end.

The Myconosphere

Group travels to Olgren to recover the item. On our way we go through a town of very strange and aggressive villagers. A man in his field attacks us and we manage to knock him out and tie him up. We take him into his house and his wife attacks us. We knock her out and tie her up. They both wake up and break their bonds. We knock them out again and leave. As we are leaving, their children that were working in the field come up to us. We give them some gold to let us pass without any problems and they accept.

We find the Soldier’s Bane through a hatch to a lower level of a tower and are able to seize it and take it back to Dorian.

Lord Paulson

Ansel Rhot

Edge RockLey lines

Lieutenant Heink Knopfler – Kri-Jolith inquisitor



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Mountain Cave

-Delved deeper into the cave.

-Calico died.

Mountain Cave Continued

-Delved even deeper into the cave.

-Amn died.

-Met two demons that agreed to help us, although we are not sure they are trustworthy.

-Alistor couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

More Mountain Cave

From game on 3/26/10

-Continued down to the lower level of the cave with a map provided by the devils we met.
-Encountered an Eldrich Knight. Most likely he was insane from being kept in this place far past when he should have left. Durin the Burned spoke with him and promised that he would take his place. The Eldrich Knight disappeared.
-Moved into the next room and encountered 6 Avengers. After defeating their bodies, the adventurers then needed to conquer the spirits of these Avengers as well. The hobgoblin priest they had helping them took a lot of strength damage, much more than Alistor took, but both were able to heal fully from the attack with the help of Durin.

2012-11-Banalistas Approach Drasco's Reach
Avarin The Dull: Mundane Elven director of the local sect of the Banalistas of which the team is a part.

Sir Malkenbach: The current lord of the lands in Nalburg.

Franz Von Alkenbrecht: The Legatus Imperator; wielder of power over the lords of Seidor, and sympathetic to the Banalista mission

Uliz Mila: The local witch of Nalburg.  Feared and apparently gone.

Gertelkep: Manservant to Greypelt, kept in the Monastary

Greypelt: A wolf.

Elves used magic for years unabated.  When humans first appeared, they split the world into two, by introducing logic, analysis, and eventually science and technology to the world.  Elves refer to the non-magical environment this created as the "Iron World".  The Iron World was a direct threat to the Feywild and the magic upon which it thrives.

As the world falls into categorized, scientifically understood blocks of knowledge, The spirits and magicks of the Fey lose power.  The Fey wild is home to spirits that exist based on belief, and a dwindling supply of belief is forcing the Fey spirits to leave these lands or face extinction.  

The categorization and factualization of the world is being accellerated by the Banalistas, a hidden organization run by elves in collaboration with the Krijoleth church.  The elves are capable of moving between the Fey and Human worlds, and have agreed to facilitate this change.  The Banalista goal is to convince the population that magic is a myth, and that science is the only real power in this world.  Recently, creatures were discovered that feed on emotions.  These creatures threaten the borders and safety of the entire world, and as long as humans believe in magic, the world is at risk of annihilation.

The adventure opens on the 3rd day of Midsummer, as four new members of the Banalistas receive their first mission in Garton, part of the kingdom of Seidor.  They are addressed by Avarin The Dull, plain, mousey middle-management type, who sets the new members on their first task.

Avarin tells the group of the savage lands (an area populated by farmers, miners, and developing areas), an area 13 days west of Garton, where the miners are afraid to mine because of "tommyknockers". Shipments of silver have stopped coming from the area.  The Banalistas are concerned that the "tommyknockers" will create and increase in magical activity in the area, and the government wants the interruption resolved.  As troops are brought back into Seidor, the borders are a little unstable, so things like this are falling under our purview

monastary in the area potentially houses the grave of one of the heroes.  If we can find the grave of the hero and make it into a symbol for the church, then the church may come into that area.  Sir Malkenbach currently holds the lands, but the Legatus Imperator, Franz von Alkenbrecht has offered the land to us to keep if we solve the problem.

The travellers head to Nalburg via Attwick, a mining town 13 days' journey from their starting location, on their way to Droscar's reach, the mountain peak where mining operations have stopped.

Attempts to find out more at the miners guild and local bars fail, although we learn that the town is not friendly towards the church or the monastary.  Uliz Mila is the local witch.  Jenevra finds the directions to Uliz from local kids.

While Jenevra visits the local witch, the rest of the party convince the bartender to answer their questions for a couple GP.  The church presence is non-existant, and the population is restless from unemployment.

The following day, the group learns that the forest between them and the witch is haunted and has been for years.  After a couple of days of travelling (and one encounter with a sturge), the group arrives at the witch's house, which appears to be abandoned.

While inspecting the inside of the house (which is filled with teeth), Jenevra is trapped by an animated iron couldron.  She manages to break free, and the couldron is defeated.  Jenevra finds a Skull of Prophesy (one fortune told per day, one divination spell per week, provided we feed it a soup of fresh blood from a humanoid), and the group heads toward the monastary.  Calliope finds 62g worth of alchemical goods.

While travelling to the monastary, Jenevra is almost eaten by a giant snake, but is saved by Calliope and Kara.

Near the monastary, the group is attacked by an armored fighter with seige crossbow.  The fighter is defeated quickly as are his razor crows.  He looks like an assassin, not a monk.

After narrowly avoiding a trap, the group reaches the monastary.  Jenevra notices a dwarven rune near the entrance, and recongizes it as Droscar's symbol.  Droscar led a pilgrimage of dwarves into this area, and were overwhelmed by goblin numbers.  They did their best to kill as many goblins as possible, killing so many that goblins avoided the area on name recognition alone.  Droscar vowed to stay behind while his companions went back to send reinforcements, apparently never returning.  In addition to  the runes, inscriptions referencing Milnas, a human god, are also found in the area.

Jenevra finds a steel masterwork sword after a quick battle with a spider.  Exploring the well, the group finds a dead traveller.  Further exploration reveals a dead dwarf with parchment.  The parchment contains a general warning.

Coming upon an altar deep in the monastary, the group comes across a magical masterwork sword (blue velvet handle with gold inlay, inscribed with Milnas' incantation, protects the holder from evil, does other unknown things).  Kara wrests the sword from it's place in the ground, and finds it is intensely magical.  Calliope narrowly avoids a dark spell or curse as the sword is sheathed.  The altar appears magical, but the group moves on.

The group finds a man barricaded in one of the back rooms.  The man's name is Gertelkep; his master is Greypelt.  The man reveals that his master is a wolf.  He panics, and in his failed escape attempt, is smashed and cut by Oho and Kara, dying instantly.
The session closes on the 21st day of Midsummer
2012-11-18 Goblins Encroach
drop reflex 4
good will of 2

Blain joins the group after his guide is torn apart by wolves.
The group finds a set of masterwork stone carving tools.

Blaine can read the writing on the sword.  It is in Old Hallion, and says:
"More vile than the faithless is the heretic.  Justice has been served"

Exploring the monastary further, the group encounters a pair of wolves.  Defeated.  Inside the desk are a faintly enchanted Hand Axe, a prayer book, a pearl worth 500gp, and 50pc of mithril worth 500gp.

In the next room, the grand wolf appears and talks to the group.  They fight, and the wolf dies at Kara's hands.  The team berates Kara, and she goes into a post-fight funk.  Down some stairs, the group finds a bag containing a magic item in the wolf's lair.  There also stands a giant stone slab with red rune for Drasco.  The slab opens, and Drasco's ghost escapes.

Behind the slab is a path that leads to an ancient dwarven underground highway.  At the east-west crossroads is Drasco's sarcophagus with some magic items.  The crew heads west (towards the mountains).  They find a wall of goblins that appears to magically trap them.  The magic is weakening and the goblins begin to escape.  After a few battles the group escapse, finding 4 crossbow bolts, +1 flaming crossbow bolts, along the way.

On their way back to town, the group identifies that the Tiny sack contains a ring with a gem that can cast light 28 times.  Also included are bloodwort.  They are a key ingredient for bulls strength and Bear's endurance. enough to make 4 bulls or 2 bears.  They are worth 600gp.

On the way back to town, wolves attack.  Calliope almost dies, but everyone escapes and makes it back to Nalburg.

Back in town, Blaine goes to Baron Rolf Von Albrecht to explain the situation (while acquiting the group of blame).  The goal is to convince the baron that goblins are preparing to attack the town and that they are to blame for the "tommyknocker" trouble.  Blaine presents the wolf's head as proof and a trophy.  The Baron tells Blaine about his secret ritual to the demi-god Droscar that keeps the town safe, and asks for proof of the goblin threat.

Jennevra convinces the captain of the guard to protect the town despite the "superstitious" baron's beliefs.

Calliope identifies the magick items.  The armor is tied to the hammer magically; it gets stronger the more you kill.  +1 to armor for each kill.  It is masterwork full plate.  The shield bumps you up to the next highest shield specialization.

The group heads for Drasco's pass.  A day's ride from town, the group is attacked by goblins.  Oho goes down from critical hits early, but the goblins are defeated.  The group takes the bodies back to the town as proof.

Everyone gets +1678
Nate +400 for tracking
Jenn +400 for sketches
Jenn +200 for role playing
Sam  +400 for oho playing
Lexi +200 for effectiveness
Lexi +200 for role playing

2012-12-16 Kara Dies
On the 23rd day of Midsummer, after returning to town with proof, and healing fully, the team tells the town that they are going to scout the mountain ahead of the rest of the workers.

Returning to the pathway to Drasco, the team finds an abandon logging camp, with wagons that have been attacked.  Continuing onwards again no one greets the adventurers.  The team arrives at the entrance to the mine, discovers fey stuff.  Calliope can create an elixer that will allow the team to interact with the fey in the mine, but they need ingredients so the team heads back to town to meet with the herbalist.  The ingredients are: Ironbloom mushrooms, Elderwood moss, Rat’s tail, White wine vinegar, Distillate of Naphtha, Aqua Fortis, Caustic Soda, Potash, Regulus of antimony, Soda ash

Frieda, the local herbalist, has everything but 2 ironbloom mushrooms (steely gray, flat, thick, around 3" across), rat's tail, and elderwood moss.  Ironbloom mushrooms can likely be found in the monastary.  Elderwood moss only grows on the oldest tree in the forest.  The rat's tail can be found at Ulas Mila's place.  Raw materials cost 50gp

After the full moon, the party heads out to the Monastary via Ula Milas's place.  Oho finds Milon the woodsman, an old quiet grizzled woodsman who is willing to take the group to the oldest tree in the area.  On the day after the full moon, the team heads out to collect the necessary ingredients.

On the first night, the party is attacked by goblins.  Kara is killed, the woodsman is pathetically ineffective and wets his pants multiple times.  Finally defeating the goblins, the team returns to town to bury Kara.  The goblins carried a spear that is DR 10/fire, 3 doses of deathlegrading effect (add explosive effect to one bomb).  2 Units of essence of Sulfer (which adds stink bomb effect), and his formula book, which includes a formula for anti-entropic catalysts (every morning, make an alchemy check; for every 5 points rolled, you get to re-roll damage on one die).  In addition 72gp are found, 23sp, battle axe, long sword, 2 short swords, 4 short bows (all small).  On the alchemist goblin's formula book is an image representing Milnas.

The party receives 268xp each.

The party returns and gives Kara a proper burial, even as Lissa appears to replace her.  The newly reformed party sets out again with the woodsman.  The woodsman finds the dessicated body of a fairy, explaining that they are the victims in a superstitious ritual.  The party arrives in Ulas Mila's camp, and upon seeing the sword, the witch betrays her desire for the sword, and once negotiations break down battle ensues.

The sword is the prison for a powerful demon. Ula was instructed by a priest in the mountains.  The priest worships the demon in the sword.  The priest's name is Armonep.  The Demon is the LoreMaster.

The session closes on the 27th night of midsummer.

The party receives 635xp each, plus 100xp each for roleplaying.
2013-02-02 Prince Dietrich Returns
The party returns to town with Ulas Mila, hearing rumors of the return of Prince Dietrich.  The Baron's son is the lone heir, and a town hero/fighter.

Ulas Mila and Jennevra discuss witchcraft.  Ula and her cat share one colored eyes, and they share a greater power because of it. Ulas will teach Jennevra how to perform this procedure with her familiar.  Jenevra successfully transfers eyes with her familiar.

Going back out to collect the Moss (the last ingredient for the elixer), the group spends 2 days travelling with a new guide, Fronk (at a cost of 3sp per day) the shitty woodsman.  Fronk is unwilling to approach the tree, but will lead the party to the location.

On the 2nd day, the party is attacked.

5FG  5' Goblin
GwS1 Goblin w/spear 1
GsS2 Goblin 2/spear 2

Surprise Round
Fronk falls into a hole
Oho is attacked by a small guy but is not damaged
Lissa faints from a savage spear attack

Round 1
-Calliope lobs bomb, GwS1 and GwS2 are dead (6 fire dmg), Lissa's body takes 6 fire dmg
-Jenevra casts cure light wounds on Lissa for 5hp, sits at -2hp
-5FG attempts to push Oho into the hole but fails
-Oho grapples 5FG for 7hp
-Lissa remains passed out
-Fronk remains stuck in the hole
-Blaine attacks 5FG with his sap for 4hp
-Jenevra skips Calliope's turn and knocks out 5FG

The battle ends with Fronk dead.  Lissa is healed back to life.
Treasure: Dagger for 1gp, 14sp

Fronk provided directions, but the way is mostly guesswork.  After 1 uneventful night, the party crosses a stream and sees over a rise two large wolves and one large creature sleeping under blankets.
Blaine takes the opportunity to sneak up on the sleaping creatures, finding two larger than humanoid creatures sleeping in the blankets.

Blaine prepares a coup de grace attack, and successfully sneaks and kills 2 wargs with warg-rider orcs all in their sleep.


Masterwork Hyde Armor x2
Masterwork Heavy Shield x2
Masterwork Battle Axe x2
Masterwork 2-power Shortbow x2

484 xp each

After 3 more days of wandering, the team finds the tree.  it is a large deciduous tree akin to a Maple.  Jenevra approaches the tree to collect the moss.  Above her is a camoflogued lizard breating a putrid gas.  She takes 1 point of constitution damage.

TzlWrm  Tatzl Wyrm

Surprise Round
-TzlWrm attacks Jenevra for 1pt Con dmg
-Lissa attempts to charm the creature but fails
-Blaine Braced his spear in anticipation of a charge
-Jenevra shocks the creature with shocking grasp for 13hp dmg.  It is half dead
-Oho charges to attack but fails
-Callipoe attacks with her morningstar, beaning the beast for 8dmg
-Blaine stabs the creature, killing it

Everyone gets 320 for the Sturges, and 120 for the Tatzl Wyrm

After three days of travel, the party successfully navigates back to the town.  It is the 11th day of Summersend.

Oho and Blaine take the captured goblin to the baron's keep.  The prince greets them enthusiastically, and appears to understand the side of the party.  He offers to let everyone stay in his keep.

Jenevra goes to the shed where Ula Milas was staying, and it is burned down.  After seeing its destruction, she goes to Beertime to learn the story.  The story is that the Prince confronted the witch, and the witch disappeared through sorcery.

Calliope reaches Frieda's hut, and prepares the facilities to create the potion.  In the meantime, she goes to Beetime and performs the general demonstration of science to the crowd to prove that the witch is not magical.

Everyone collects 200xp

The team reassembles at the Baron's keep.  They notice that the Prince has many female visitors seeking his favor.  Lissa captures the prince's attention, and confesses his love for a local peasant girl.  He also explains his fear and distrust of the witch and his concern over the goblins.  He believes that because his true love spurned him, she was bewitched.

Jenevra and Calliope meet with the Prince to speak on Ulas Mila's behalf.  The prince does not fully agree that the witch is innocent and a master of science, but he does agree that the goblin threat is real and worth attending to.

The party (minus Oho, who refuses to leave his weapons behind) enter the Baron's chamber at his request.  He requests that the goblin threat be dealt with immediately.  His son, the prince bursts in complaining about the witch's affect on his spurned love.  The team agrees and they begin their plan of attack.

Blaine leaves to follow the spurned prince.
2013-02-16 The Corrupt Priest and the Rock Spirits
It is still the 11th day of Summersend

Blaine is trailing the prince in the keep.  He overhears the prince being consulted by a priest of the Triune.  The priest says something along the lines of "They are ruining our plans, they have to go," presumable talking about the team.

Blaine shares this information with the rest of the party, who decides to confront the priest at dinner.  Oho walks up to the priest and confronts him directly.  The priest invites Blaine to eat with him, and Blaine is poisoned, but does not succumb.

Calliope takes the poisoned food and learns from the Herbalist that it is commonly used by Rat catchers, and the local exterminator is the only ones who has purchased the weed recently.  Calliope follows him, but learns nothing.  The following morning, Calliope confronts the rat catcher and learns that Yondel, one of the bodyguards of the prince, bought poison from the rat catcher.  
Everyone takes 125xp

The team goes to confront the priest.  After falling and dying and being revived by Calliope, the Priest admits he and the prince are in cohorts with a group of "smart" goblins to take over the town.  The group sends the priest away with Jenevra, and begins planning the assault.

Everyone takes 125xp

That night, Blaine is visited by a dark elf who solicits his assassination skills to kill the prince; Blaine runs and tells the others, but nothing comes of it.

On the 14th day of Summersend, the group is back at the cave, potion in hand.  After the elixer takes effect, the group has a conversation with the rock spirits, who agree to help them fight.  The mine is revealed to be mostly mithril, that will be available to the party when they take over the lands.  The rocks allow the party to travel through the ground to a cave deep in the mountain.

Upon arriving in a deep cavern, the heroes find and defeat 4 goblins.  3gp and 7sp later, the heroes come across two wargs and a goblin.  A bomb destroys the goblin, and repeated attacks kill the rest of the wolves handily.

Everyone takes 535xp

After coming across a giant chasm with an entrance on the other side, the team reaches another area filled with goblins.  The goblins yell "They have the knowledge" as Calliope tosses a bomb into the room.  The goblins are mostly defeated, but two run past a leather curtain and up a small incline.  The fight continues in an upper area next to the chasm.  After a small ambush, the party defeats the goblin threat and finds some light loot.  The team interrogates one of the goblins, Cracktooth, who says that the goblin army is focused on getting trees down into the cave, though he doesn't know why.  The team takes an 8hr rest.

Everyone takes 538xp

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