Worth Fighting For

Mountain Cave

-Delved deeper into the cave.

-Calico died.

Worth Fighting For
Background Story

In the beginning…

Father Benedict “Master” Brutus contracted us to maim Father Findle. Brutus greatly suspected Findle was corrupt and wanted to use him as an example for other priests that had strayed from the “path of righteousness”. Using Eris’s feminine wiles and Secilly’s powers of madness, he was charmed into giving us the documents proving he was skimming off the top. We captured him, interrogated him, cut off his hand and plastering it to the front door of the church, keeping the papers. Findle disappeared shortly after.

Findle’s contact was a man named Paul Rinter, a man in the thieves guild that was located in Andel’s Bakery. Andel wasn’t part of what was going on, but it was likely he was profiting from it.

Perfumers, “The Captain”, Opiate dense

Hunt down rogue warriors/guards. Three scouts were already killed.

Sr. Sargent Sajrin

Going to Heindel (1-week’s brisk walk, mostly through cities)

We find Captain Jules Weingard – Nate knew him. He was the man that signed the work order request.

Get rid of demon:
Kill host
Cast high level spell
Torture host

The Fugue – The plague amongst the elves

Dorian – A wealthy elven botanist in the Floral District. Seems to be effected very little by The Fugue. Hires us to acquire an item [[:the captain]] has called Soldier’s Bane that helps with the effects of The Fugue. This item is stored in an egg-shaped coffer. It always looks oily, but feels dry. Everyone that has handled it has come to a bad end.

The Myconosphere

Group travels to Olgren to recover the item. On our way we go through a town of very strange and aggressive villagers. A man in his field attacks us and we manage to knock him out and tie him up. We take him into his house and his wife attacks us. We knock her out and tie her up. They both wake up and break their bonds. We knock them out again and leave. As we are leaving, their children that were working in the field come up to us. We give them some gold to let us pass without any problems and they accept.

We find the Soldier’s Bane through a hatch to a lower level of a tower and are able to seize it and take it back to Dorian.

Lord Paulson

Ansel Rhot

Edge RockLey lines

Lieutenant Heink Knopfler – Kri-Jolith inquisitor



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The Three Stony Sisters

Game synopsis from 12-29-10

- The group was hired by a church inquisitorto track down Nalen. He will pay us 500 Sedorian lions and an heirloom holy symbol to find him. The scholar Schroeder confirmed that Nalen was probably a bad guy.

- Found tablets giving directions to a location Nalen is believed to be, or has been.

- Followed the directions a ways and came upon a mountain troll chasing after a group of women and children. The troll had white paining on his face and what would look to us like the number 7 on his chest. Defeated him and continued on.

- Arrived at a ring of stones atop a hill with a cave below it. The ring looks as though someone, probably trolls, have been coming in and pushing down some of the stones set up around the area, attempting to destroy it. The people in the nearby village have been disappearing little by little over the last couple months. People had been seen going into the cave, but nobody ever comes out.

- Went into the cave and enountered ghouls.


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