Worth Fighting For

Oho and Jenervas Grand Adventure

Fecal matter impacts the air resistance device.

Oho and Jenevra journey to the capitol to meet with Avrin the Dull (played by Avril Levine) and report on their recrent work. Avrin alerts them that his office is unavailable and that they have to meet in a bar. kAvrin congratulates them on their teams success and tasks them with the killing of three “enemy agents” staying in the town. Jenevra and Oho both respond with trepidation and request evidence of wrong doing, which Avrin is unable to provide. Avrin assures them both that these men are dangerous dissidents and must be killed.

Before moving on to find the men, Oho and Jenevra travel to Avrins office, which Avrin believed to be under surveillance, and there had a loud purposeful discussion indicating that the men in question should rapidly leave town. As this obtained no response they continued on their search.

Jenevra and Oho travel to the Inn where the men are staying and attempt to ascertain their location. After bribing the bartender Oho and Jenevra find that the men are upstairs in a room together. The heroes kick in the door and Jenevra casts obscuring mist. Oho attempts to talk the men out of fighting unsuccessfully and they are attacked. Jenevra is stabbed by an elf hiding behind her, and Oho battles a man with a great sword, a magic user, hidden in the mist, attempts in vain to control ohos mind and then flees. The pair of assailants is easily defeated by Oho and Jenevra who question the men only to find that they are defenders of magic and on a political mission. The men explain that they want to stop the banalistas and convince Jenevra and Oho of the merits of that plan.

Jenevra and oho convince the men to leave town and meet ulizmila near nalberg. Jenevra and oho meet with avrin who alerts them that he is aware that they let their quarry live.

Jenevra attempts to deflect and fails. Avrin tasks them with killing a water spirit that rules over the large lake near nalberg and they agree, while secretly planning to play both sides and make their own decisions about who to trust.

Upon returing to Ulizmila the pair learn that their visitors have been wreaking havoc with the visitors to a beneficial water nymph that avrin wanted them to kill. Jenevera decides to go handle the anti-banalistas, though she agrees with much of their philosophy. The heroes disguise themselves as a pair of elderly travellers to bait the anti-banalistas who then attack. Jenevra and Oho reveal themselves and chide the living shit out of the two visitors. The visitors had been attacking people beating them and stealing their valuables(intended to be donations to the water spirit) along the road for more than a week. Jenevra and oho would have none of it and bound them men for a trip to the lake.

Upon approaching the lake, Jenevra and Oho were covered with a warm friendly feeling and they coerced the lake spirit to communicate with them. The spirit demanded the men who had stolen the spirits gifts, and attacked those who were coming for help. Jenevra and Oho discuss and decide that these mens crimes were against the spirit, and that they are murderers and thieves. Whereas Jenevra agrees with their points on magick, she is enraged by their betrayal of her trust, and their cruelty, she cannot let them go free to harm others. The lake beckons, and the men are pushed into the lake to be dealt with by the spirit of the water. The spirit then promises to work with Jenevra and Oho to protect the people of this place, and to heal those who come to it.

A mystery attacker throws a bag deep into the lake from the treeline. The beautiful spirit is thrown from the water and badly hurt. Jenevra Speeds across the surface of the water (fly) and uses her spell unseen servent to retrieve the bag. Oho throws his spear at the treebound assailant and misses. Jenevra approaches after being shot with arrows and makes the attacker fall asleep.

Oho puts his hands on the spirit and a mysterious force from his body begins to heal her, but she is still badly hurt, poisoned by the bag. Oho realizes something, runs to his pack, grabs the grow stone, and throws it in the water.

The stone heals the lake and the spirit.

The spirit pledges to protect the people and the barony and to come to their aid when they need it most.

Oho and Jenevra return to the town to organize the next steps in their budding plan.

The people make them aware of a bear and a giant attacking people outside of town in the deep woods. Jenevra warns them that the times are changing and that the deep woods may not be safe anymore, she also tells them that these men may have done wrong, been on someones land, and that she will apply the law of the land as it pertains to such and no more. Jenevra and Oho go to investigate and find a large woman and her bear. The woman swears she is a protector of the forest and that the men that were killed had been warned to stop damaging her home. Jenevra negotiates with the woman and finds a way to convince her to work with the people, to mitigate the harm done to the forest, and to teach the people to be better stewards. Jenevra then compensates the families of the dead, and manages to get a high enough diplomacy roll to have them make peace with the Huntress.

Upon returning to town, Jenevra, Oho, and the steward throw a feast which the people seem to enjoy. Generally the populace is confused but happy at the changes. They discuss and plan for the opening of the mines and the hiring of a blacksmith skilled in working mithril and mithril ore.



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