Worth Fighting For


15th night of summersend
Battle ensues

The team kills 16 goblins

Everyone receives 920 xp

No treasure is found. An examination of the Goblin living quarters reveals a hasty evacuation.

After their decisive victory, the team continues on through the caves, coming across a monstrous scene. Human slaves are kept in small caves blocked by giant rocks. Others are dangling from the ceiling in cages. A Goblin priest stands around a couldron with two others. Two burly guards stand on a rickety walkway surrounding the cave. to the right of the entrance are untold hordes of goblins standing amid rickety, flammable remains. Far below on either side of the entrance are holes, one leading to more goblin dwellings and the other containing livestock.

Goblin Priest GP1
Goblin Guard GU1
Goblin Guard GU2
Goblin Sentry GS1
Goblin Sentry GS2

The Goblins are defeated, and the humans freed. The Goblin shanty town is burned, then buried, as the remaining goblins are pushed into captibity. The rescued slaves are charged with watching the goblins as our heroes push on.

Further on, our heroes come across some huge double doors. Beyond lies a massive cavern, draped in foliage for more than a quarter mile across, and further beyond. Inside is found a magic crystal 3 feet tall that heals the party. After much divination, Jennevra and Calliope discover it is a grow stone.

The grow stone was made by Elves as a gift for dwarves before the split. The dwarves built dams that affected the Elves, and the elves retaliated by removing the dwarven food supply.

Oho carries the grow stone with him when they leave the mountains.

Alchemist AC1
Human Guard HG1
Human Guard HG2

Everyone gets 530 XP



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