Worth Fighting For

2013-03-10 Behind the Waterfall

15th day of summersend

Jennevra is assaulted and the Priest is spirited away.  Jennevra tracks the Priest up the mountain and discovers a crevice where the rest of the party is resting.  She climbs down and sends Blaine and Lissa after the Priest and joins the others.

The party begins searching the cavern again, and discovers that goblins have begun their work with the cranes.  They plan their next attack, sending hesheba in to draw their attention.

shocked goblin bodyguard sg
second goblin bodyguard 2g
third goblin crane operator 3g
fourth goblin crane operator 4g

1st Round
Oho pierces sg's skull with his halberd
Calliope delays her turn, and misses with the crossbow
Jennevra puts 2g to sleep
2g attempts to hurt Oho, with the usual result (no dmg)

2nd Round
Oho splits 3g, who collapses
Calliope buries a crossbow bolt in 4g's shield
Jennevra puts 4g to sleep

The goblins left up above call down to see what is happening.  Jennevra uses her goblin language skills to lure the rest.

3rd Round
Oho attacks 5g for 10pts, but does not kill it
Calliope attacks with a crossbow
Jennevra makes the goblin 5g pass out

The party runs up the narrow shaft into the open area where the cranes are located.  They see the remaining goblins trying to escape via the crane rope, and cut the rope.  Above and across the chasm, they see 5 more goblins, two on the rope, one operator, and two more bodyguards.

Crane Goblin cg
Goblin Bodyguard Above 1 cba1
Goblin Bodyguard Above 2 cba2
dangling goblin 1 dg1
dangling goblin 2 dg2

4th Round
Calliope throws a bomb at the goblins atop the crane, killing cba1 and hurting cba2.  
Jennevra casts Cause Fear, sending cg scrambling away.
dg1 and dg2 attack Jennevra but miss.
Oho prepas his sling

5th Round
Calliope throws a bomb at the two goblins on the rope.  Both take damage.
dg1 loses his grip and falls to his doom.
Jennevra causes dg2 to sleep, thus falling to his doom.
The last gobline runs away.

Oho scrambles across the chasm to control the crane, allowing the party to cross the chasm.  a few steps in, the team encounters some heavy orcs.

heavy orc 1 ho1
heavy orc 2 ho2
heavy orc 3 ho3
heavy orc 4 ho4

1st Round
Jennevra attempts to cast sleep, but ho1 shrugs it off with a yawn.
Calliope throws a bomb, killing ho1 and ho2.
ho3 attacks Jennevra for 19 damage
ho4 attacks Jennevra for 9 damage.  Jennevra collapses in a mostly dead but stable condition.
Oho attacks and kills ho3.

2nd Round
Calliope attacks ho4, but does not kill it.
Oho attacks and kills the final beast ho4

Everyone receives 700xp for the previous encounter, and 135xp for the most recent encounter.

After the battle, Calliope heals Jennevra, and the party continues, finding a large chasm with a waterfall coming down.  The party turns back and continues down the other direction, and finds a room with doors, containing two smaller goblins and four larger goblins.

heavy orc 1 ho1
heavy orc 2 ho2
heavy orc 3 ho3
heavy orc 4 ho4
heavy orc 1 ho1
small orc 1 so1
small orc 2 so2

1st Round
Jennevra puts ho1 to sleep.
Oho dives in and attacks ho2.
Calliope lobs a bomb and kills ho3, ho4, so1, and so2
The Orcs grab their weapons and prepare for battle.

2nd Round
Jennevra puts ho2 to sleep.
The rest are coup de graced.

The team destroys the bellows, which was being used to create Charcoal.  Charcoal is a key ingredient in the creation of gunpowder, a major component of alchemical bombs.

Doubling back, the party finds a wooden pathway following the chasm with the waterfall.  To the left lies an elevator, and to the right is a goblin sleeping area, which is empty but contains 632 silver, 57 gold, and a half-dozen small gemstones worth 50, 100, 

125, 300, 500, 65 gold each.

In addition, there are two chests; one is small, and rigged to release poison.  The poison safely dissipates, revealing a 1 lb sack containing a infernal centipede.  Jennevra fries the centipede, and the group finds a pressed 1lb bar of mithril with the seal of Droscar on it (worth approx. 100g).  The other containers 7lbs of silver (approx 35g) and two gems.  One is amber, and a shiny red ring set in a gold ring.  The ring is magic and contains faint illusion magic, up to 9th level.  The ring casts disguise self 3x per day.

The party returns to the elevator and heads down, finding dessicated remains of fallen goblins.  Heading up, the party finds themselves on a precipice of windswept rock.  After seeking advice from the disembodied head, the team decides to investigate the waterfall, and find a hidden passage.  After some climbing and clever use of rings to thread rope for a pathway, the party is behind the waterfall where they find two pathways.  To the left is a rotten, sulfrous smell.  The party follows this path and finds a group of orcs commanding a few human slaves.

orc 1 o1
orc 2 o2
goblin 1 g1
goblin 2 g2

Round 1
Jennevra casts sleep on o1 but fails
Calliope attacks o1 and o2 with a bomb and hits
Oho attacks o1
The orcs move to attack.  two attack Calliope for light damage with arrows.

Round 2
Jennevra attacks and does some damage
Calliope lobs another bomb and kills o1
Oho attacks o2
The orcs attack Oho and Calliope with arrows.

Round 3
Jennevra attacks and kills o2
Calliope leaps across the sulfer, and is hurt by a small fissure, but recovers and kills g1 with a bomb
Oho attacks and kills g2

Oho loots the corpses and finds a great sword, falchion, and several short swords, as well as short bows.  The group finds 11sp and 3gp

The humans, Jon, Rickard, and Melvin have been slaves of the goblins for over a year.  Part of a merchant company that was ambushed, they were forced to work in labor.

Everyone receives 400xp



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