Worth Fighting For

2013-02-16 The Corrupt Priest and the Rock Spirits

It is still the 11th day of Summersend

Blaine is trailing the prince in the keep.  He overhears the prince being consulted by a priest of the Triune.  The priest says something along the lines of "They are ruining our plans, they have to go," presumable talking about the team.

Blaine shares this information with the rest of the party, who decides to confront the priest at dinner.  Oho walks up to the priest and confronts him directly.  The priest invites Blaine to eat with him, and Blaine is poisoned, but does not succumb.

Calliope takes the poisoned food and learns from the Herbalist that it is commonly used by Rat catchers, and the local exterminator is the only ones who has purchased the weed recently.  Calliope follows him, but learns nothing.  The following morning, Calliope confronts the rat catcher and learns that Yondel, one of the bodyguards of the prince, bought poison from the rat catcher.  
Everyone takes 125xp

The team goes to confront the priest.  After falling and dying and being revived by Calliope, the Priest admits he and the prince are in cohorts with a group of "smart" goblins to take over the town.  The group sends the priest away with Jenevra, and begins planning the assault.

Everyone takes 125xp

That night, Blaine is visited by a dark elf who solicits his assassination skills to kill the prince; Blaine runs and tells the others, but nothing comes of it.

On the 14th day of Summersend, the group is back at the cave, potion in hand.  After the elixer takes effect, the group has a conversation with the rock spirits, who agree to help them fight.  The mine is revealed to be mostly mithril, that will be available to the party when they take over the lands.  The rocks allow the party to travel through the ground to a cave deep in the mountain.

Upon arriving in a deep cavern, the heroes find and defeat 4 goblins.  3gp and 7sp later, the heroes come across two wargs and a goblin.  A bomb destroys the goblin, and repeated attacks kill the rest of the wolves handily.

Everyone takes 535xp

After coming across a giant chasm with an entrance on the other side, the team reaches another area filled with goblins.  The goblins yell "They have the knowledge" as Calliope tosses a bomb into the room.  The goblins are mostly defeated, but two run past a leather curtain and up a small incline.  The fight continues in an upper area next to the chasm.  After a small ambush, the party defeats the goblin threat and finds some light loot.  The team interrogates one of the goblins, Cracktooth, who says that the goblin army is focused on getting trees down into the cave, though he doesn't know why.  The team takes an 8hr rest.

Everyone takes 538xp



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