Worth Fighting For

2013-02-02 Prince Dietrich Returns

The party returns to town with Ulas Mila, hearing rumors of the return of Prince Dietrich.  The Baron's son is the lone heir, and a town hero/fighter.

Ulas Mila and Jennevra discuss witchcraft.  Ula and her cat share one colored eyes, and they share a greater power because of it. Ulas will teach Jennevra how to perform this procedure with her familiar.  Jenevra successfully transfers eyes with her familiar.

Going back out to collect the Moss (the last ingredient for the elixer), the group spends 2 days travelling with a new guide, Fronk (at a cost of 3sp per day) the shitty woodsman.  Fronk is unwilling to approach the tree, but will lead the party to the location.

On the 2nd day, the party is attacked.

5FG  5' Goblin
GwS1 Goblin w/spear 1
GsS2 Goblin 2/spear 2

Surprise Round
Fronk falls into a hole
Oho is attacked by a small guy but is not damaged
Lissa faints from a savage spear attack

Round 1
-Calliope lobs bomb, GwS1 and GwS2 are dead (6 fire dmg), Lissa's body takes 6 fire dmg
-Jenevra casts cure light wounds on Lissa for 5hp, sits at -2hp
-5FG attempts to push Oho into the hole but fails
-Oho grapples 5FG for 7hp
-Lissa remains passed out
-Fronk remains stuck in the hole
-Blaine attacks 5FG with his sap for 4hp
-Jenevra skips Calliope's turn and knocks out 5FG

The battle ends with Fronk dead.  Lissa is healed back to life.
Treasure: Dagger for 1gp, 14sp

Fronk provided directions, but the way is mostly guesswork.  After 1 uneventful night, the party crosses a stream and sees over a rise two large wolves and one large creature sleeping under blankets.
Blaine takes the opportunity to sneak up on the sleaping creatures, finding two larger than humanoid creatures sleeping in the blankets.

Blaine prepares a coup de grace attack, and successfully sneaks and kills 2 wargs with warg-rider orcs all in their sleep.


Masterwork Hyde Armor x2
Masterwork Heavy Shield x2
Masterwork Battle Axe x2
Masterwork 2-power Shortbow x2

484 xp each

After 3 more days of wandering, the team finds the tree.  it is a large deciduous tree akin to a Maple.  Jenevra approaches the tree to collect the moss.  Above her is a camoflogued lizard breating a putrid gas.  She takes 1 point of constitution damage.

TzlWrm  Tatzl Wyrm

Surprise Round
-TzlWrm attacks Jenevra for 1pt Con dmg
-Lissa attempts to charm the creature but fails
-Blaine Braced his spear in anticipation of a charge
-Jenevra shocks the creature with shocking grasp for 13hp dmg.  It is half dead
-Oho charges to attack but fails
-Callipoe attacks with her morningstar, beaning the beast for 8dmg
-Blaine stabs the creature, killing it

Everyone gets 320 for the Sturges, and 120 for the Tatzl Wyrm

After three days of travel, the party successfully navigates back to the town.  It is the 11th day of Summersend.

Oho and Blaine take the captured goblin to the baron's keep.  The prince greets them enthusiastically, and appears to understand the side of the party.  He offers to let everyone stay in his keep.

Jenevra goes to the shed where Ula Milas was staying, and it is burned down.  After seeing its destruction, she goes to Beertime to learn the story.  The story is that the Prince confronted the witch, and the witch disappeared through sorcery.

Calliope reaches Frieda's hut, and prepares the facilities to create the potion.  In the meantime, she goes to Beetime and performs the general demonstration of science to the crowd to prove that the witch is not magical.

Everyone collects 200xp

The team reassembles at the Baron's keep.  They notice that the Prince has many female visitors seeking his favor.  Lissa captures the prince's attention, and confesses his love for a local peasant girl.  He also explains his fear and distrust of the witch and his concern over the goblins.  He believes that because his true love spurned him, she was bewitched.

Jenevra and Calliope meet with the Prince to speak on Ulas Mila's behalf.  The prince does not fully agree that the witch is innocent and a master of science, but he does agree that the goblin threat is real and worth attending to.

The party (minus Oho, who refuses to leave his weapons behind) enter the Baron's chamber at his request.  He requests that the goblin threat be dealt with immediately.  His son, the prince bursts in complaining about the witch's affect on his spurned love.  The team agrees and they begin their plan of attack.

Blaine leaves to follow the spurned prince.



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