Worth Fighting For

2012-12-16 Kara Dies

On the 23rd day of Midsummer, after returning to town with proof, and healing fully, the team tells the town that they are going to scout the mountain ahead of the rest of the workers.

Returning to the pathway to Drasco, the team finds an abandon logging camp, with wagons that have been attacked.  Continuing onwards again no one greets the adventurers.  The team arrives at the entrance to the mine, discovers fey stuff.  Calliope can create an elixer that will allow the team to interact with the fey in the mine, but they need ingredients so the team heads back to town to meet with the herbalist.  The ingredients are: Ironbloom mushrooms, Elderwood moss, Rat’s tail, White wine vinegar, Distillate of Naphtha, Aqua Fortis, Caustic Soda, Potash, Regulus of antimony, Soda ash

Frieda, the local herbalist, has everything but 2 ironbloom mushrooms (steely gray, flat, thick, around 3" across), rat's tail, and elderwood moss.  Ironbloom mushrooms can likely be found in the monastary.  Elderwood moss only grows on the oldest tree in the forest.  The rat's tail can be found at Ulas Mila's place.  Raw materials cost 50gp

After the full moon, the party heads out to the Monastary via Ula Milas's place.  Oho finds Milon the woodsman, an old quiet grizzled woodsman who is willing to take the group to the oldest tree in the area.  On the day after the full moon, the team heads out to collect the necessary ingredients.

On the first night, the party is attacked by goblins.  Kara is killed, the woodsman is pathetically ineffective and wets his pants multiple times.  Finally defeating the goblins, the team returns to town to bury Kara.  The goblins carried a spear that is DR 10/fire, 3 doses of deathlegrading effect (add explosive effect to one bomb).  2 Units of essence of Sulfer (which adds stink bomb effect), and his formula book, which includes a formula for anti-entropic catalysts (every morning, make an alchemy check; for every 5 points rolled, you get to re-roll damage on one die).  In addition 72gp are found, 23sp, battle axe, long sword, 2 short swords, 4 short bows (all small).  On the alchemist goblin's formula book is an image representing Milnas.

The party receives 268xp each.

The party returns and gives Kara a proper burial, even as Lissa appears to replace her.  The newly reformed party sets out again with the woodsman.  The woodsman finds the dessicated body of a fairy, explaining that they are the victims in a superstitious ritual.  The party arrives in Ulas Mila's camp, and upon seeing the sword, the witch betrays her desire for the sword, and once negotiations break down battle ensues.

The sword is the prison for a powerful demon. Ula was instructed by a priest in the mountains.  The priest worships the demon in the sword.  The priest's name is Armonep.  The Demon is the LoreMaster.

The session closes on the 27th night of midsummer.

The party receives 635xp each, plus 100xp each for roleplaying.



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