Worth Fighting For

2012-11-Banalistas Approach Drasco's Reach

Avarin The Dull: Mundane Elven director of the local sect of the Banalistas of which the team is a part.

Sir Malkenbach: The current lord of the lands in Nalburg.

Franz Von Alkenbrecht: The Legatus Imperator; wielder of power over the lords of Seidor, and sympathetic to the Banalista mission

Uliz Mila: The local witch of Nalburg.  Feared and apparently gone.

Gertelkep: Manservant to Greypelt, kept in the Monastary

Greypelt: A wolf.

Elves used magic for years unabated.  When humans first appeared, they split the world into two, by introducing logic, analysis, and eventually science and technology to the world.  Elves refer to the non-magical environment this created as the "Iron World".  The Iron World was a direct threat to the Feywild and the magic upon which it thrives.

As the world falls into categorized, scientifically understood blocks of knowledge, The spirits and magicks of the Fey lose power.  The Fey wild is home to spirits that exist based on belief, and a dwindling supply of belief is forcing the Fey spirits to leave these lands or face extinction.  

The categorization and factualization of the world is being accellerated by the Banalistas, a hidden organization run by elves in collaboration with the Krijoleth church.  The elves are capable of moving between the Fey and Human worlds, and have agreed to facilitate this change.  The Banalista goal is to convince the population that magic is a myth, and that science is the only real power in this world.  Recently, creatures were discovered that feed on emotions.  These creatures threaten the borders and safety of the entire world, and as long as humans believe in magic, the world is at risk of annihilation.

The adventure opens on the 3rd day of Midsummer, as four new members of the Banalistas receive their first mission in Garton, part of the kingdom of Seidor.  They are addressed by Avarin The Dull, plain, mousey middle-management type, who sets the new members on their first task.

Avarin tells the group of the savage lands (an area populated by farmers, miners, and developing areas), an area 13 days west of Garton, where the miners are afraid to mine because of "tommyknockers". Shipments of silver have stopped coming from the area.  The Banalistas are concerned that the "tommyknockers" will create and increase in magical activity in the area, and the government wants the interruption resolved.  As troops are brought back into Seidor, the borders are a little unstable, so things like this are falling under our purview

monastary in the area potentially houses the grave of one of the heroes.  If we can find the grave of the hero and make it into a symbol for the church, then the church may come into that area.  Sir Malkenbach currently holds the lands, but the Legatus Imperator, Franz von Alkenbrecht has offered the land to us to keep if we solve the problem.

The travellers head to Nalburg via Attwick, a mining town 13 days' journey from their starting location, on their way to Droscar's reach, the mountain peak where mining operations have stopped.

Attempts to find out more at the miners guild and local bars fail, although we learn that the town is not friendly towards the church or the monastary.  Uliz Mila is the local witch.  Jenevra finds the directions to Uliz from local kids.

While Jenevra visits the local witch, the rest of the party convince the bartender to answer their questions for a couple GP.  The church presence is non-existant, and the population is restless from unemployment.

The following day, the group learns that the forest between them and the witch is haunted and has been for years.  After a couple of days of travelling (and one encounter with a sturge), the group arrives at the witch's house, which appears to be abandoned.

While inspecting the inside of the house (which is filled with teeth), Jenevra is trapped by an animated iron couldron.  She manages to break free, and the couldron is defeated.  Jenevra finds a Skull of Prophesy (one fortune told per day, one divination spell per week, provided we feed it a soup of fresh blood from a humanoid), and the group heads toward the monastary.  Calliope finds 62g worth of alchemical goods.

While travelling to the monastary, Jenevra is almost eaten by a giant snake, but is saved by Calliope and Kara.

Near the monastary, the group is attacked by an armored fighter with seige crossbow.  The fighter is defeated quickly as are his razor crows.  He looks like an assassin, not a monk.

After narrowly avoiding a trap, the group reaches the monastary.  Jenevra notices a dwarven rune near the entrance, and recongizes it as Droscar's symbol.  Droscar led a pilgrimage of dwarves into this area, and were overwhelmed by goblin numbers.  They did their best to kill as many goblins as possible, killing so many that goblins avoided the area on name recognition alone.  Droscar vowed to stay behind while his companions went back to send reinforcements, apparently never returning.  In addition to  the runes, inscriptions referencing Milnas, a human god, are also found in the area.

Jenevra finds a steel masterwork sword after a quick battle with a spider.  Exploring the well, the group finds a dead traveller.  Further exploration reveals a dead dwarf with parchment.  The parchment contains a general warning.

Coming upon an altar deep in the monastary, the group comes across a magical masterwork sword (blue velvet handle with gold inlay, inscribed with Milnas' incantation, protects the holder from evil, does other unknown things).  Kara wrests the sword from it's place in the ground, and finds it is intensely magical.  Calliope narrowly avoids a dark spell or curse as the sword is sheathed.  The altar appears magical, but the group moves on.

The group finds a man barricaded in one of the back rooms.  The man's name is Gertelkep; his master is Greypelt.  The man reveals that his master is a wolf.  He panics, and in his failed escape attempt, is smashed and cut by Oho and Kara, dying instantly.
The session closes on the 21st day of Midsummer



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