Worth Fighting For

2012-11-18 Goblins Encroach

drop reflex 4
good will of 2

Blain joins the group after his guide is torn apart by wolves.
The group finds a set of masterwork stone carving tools.

Blaine can read the writing on the sword.  It is in Old Hallion, and says:
"More vile than the faithless is the heretic.  Justice has been served"

Exploring the monastary further, the group encounters a pair of wolves.  Defeated.  Inside the desk are a faintly enchanted Hand Axe, a prayer book, a pearl worth 500gp, and 50pc of mithril worth 500gp.

In the next room, the grand wolf appears and talks to the group.  They fight, and the wolf dies at Kara's hands.  The team berates Kara, and she goes into a post-fight funk.  Down some stairs, the group finds a bag containing a magic item in the wolf's lair.  There also stands a giant stone slab with red rune for Drasco.  The slab opens, and Drasco's ghost escapes.

Behind the slab is a path that leads to an ancient dwarven underground highway.  At the east-west crossroads is Drasco's sarcophagus with some magic items.  The crew heads west (towards the mountains).  They find a wall of goblins that appears to magically trap them.  The magic is weakening and the goblins begin to escape.  After a few battles the group escapse, finding 4 crossbow bolts, +1 flaming crossbow bolts, along the way.

On their way back to town, the group identifies that the Tiny sack contains a ring with a gem that can cast light 28 times.  Also included are bloodwort.  They are a key ingredient for bulls strength and Bear's endurance. enough to make 4 bulls or 2 bears.  They are worth 600gp.

On the way back to town, wolves attack.  Calliope almost dies, but everyone escapes and makes it back to Nalburg.

Back in town, Blaine goes to Baron Rolf Von Albrecht to explain the situation (while acquiting the group of blame).  The goal is to convince the baron that goblins are preparing to attack the town and that they are to blame for the "tommyknocker" trouble.  Blaine presents the wolf's head as proof and a trophy.  The Baron tells Blaine about his secret ritual to the demi-god Droscar that keeps the town safe, and asks for proof of the goblin threat.

Jennevra convinces the captain of the guard to protect the town despite the "superstitious" baron's beliefs.

Calliope identifies the magick items.  The armor is tied to the hammer magically; it gets stronger the more you kill.  +1 to armor for each kill.  It is masterwork full plate.  The shield bumps you up to the next highest shield specialization.

The group heads for Drasco's pass.  A day's ride from town, the group is attacked by goblins.  Oho goes down from critical hits early, but the goblins are defeated.  The group takes the bodies back to the town as proof.

Everyone gets +1678
Nate +400 for tracking
Jenn +400 for sketches
Jenn +200 for role playing
Sam  +400 for oho playing
Lexi +200 for effectiveness
Lexi +200 for role playing



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